Outdoor Waterproof 2 In 2 Out 12 24 48 Core Dome Type Fiber Optical Splice Closure



Product Description
Box sealing method
Slicone rubber
Cable entry sealing method
Heat shrinkable tube
Sealing performance
Inflation pressure 100Kpa, no leakage
High temperature performance
Good sealing performance after maintaining at 60 ° C for 100 hours
Optical performance
No fiber is attenuated after coiling in the fiber collection disk


Optic fiber clousure is applied in the junction and protecting of the fiber.It can be place with the aerial cable or buried in
earth or put in the pipeline.The outer part and the fusing part of the clousure are made of the project plastic

Great mechnical performance
Great resisting aging performance
High airproof,dampproof and resisting,lightning strike performance
Can be place with the aerial cabal or buried in carth put in the pipeline
The in and out channels can be two to six

CATV system
Optical fiber communication
Testing equipment
Fiber optic network convergence
Optical fiber access network
Fiber data transmission
Optical fiber video transmission
Fiber multimedia system
Fiber ethernet
Photoelectric conversion system

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