Optical fiber cable cutter



Optical fiber sheath transverse opening knife.
Eccentric - handle, gear clamp, double knife, four position adjustable; conversion rod, angle six.
The cable fixing device for cable diameter less than 25MM (black).
The eccentric adjustment is correct, the knife edge is inserted into the cable, and the blade with
 parallel cable.
The thumb over the top of the blade, the other hand rotating handle, slowly open along the cable.
- such as the cable jacket is thick, can be eccentric to position "1111".
Fixer - special cable (yellow): eccentric four position is adjustable according to the cable diameter and 
thickness adjustment, with the thumb and forefinger eccentric rotation. (toward the opposite direction 
of the edge is the actual location) is less than 25MM, position of "I". With the black tightening device.
 More than 25MM, "II, III, IV, no. Be with the Yellow cable tightening tightening device.
 in case of blade damage, available within six to replace rotary angle.

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