MPO multi-stage constant temperature curing oven FONS-52T



1.This equipment adopts the new heating segmentation technology to make the product curing fumance performance more stable ,reduce scrap and defect rate,and is more suitable for MPO/MTP fiber curing oven.

2.A plurality of different heating times can be set to control the heating temperature.The temperature controlable range is between 2-6℃,and the adjustable temperature is 0-220℃.

3.The curing tooling adopts separate type,and the replacement is simpler and more convenient.

4.The unique heat preservation device allows the temperature to be cyled in a specific space,and the temperature can not be leaked to make the product fully heated.It is not necessary to ensure the product curing rate,and the number of the curing is 52 each time.

valtage AC220-240V


Power 1000W

size 180*290*480mm

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