FONS-550C Fiber Polisher

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fiber polisher parameters

 Connectors can be polishing:18 24 32 36 48

 Connectors type:FC/UPC SC/UPC LC/UPC ST/UPC MU/UPC FC/APC SC/APC             LC/APC MT-RJ etc

This is a variable speed fiber optic polisher that can process ceramic quartz glass, metal plastic and other materials. Independent rotation and revolving composite motion to ensure the uniformity and consistency of polisher quality. The revolution can be steplessly regulated. The speed range is between 15 and 120, which can meet different polisher requirements. Four-corner pressure design, and can set the polisher time arbitrarily according to the processing requirements. The polisher plate plane has a beating speed of 0.01mm at a revolution speed of 100rpm, and automatically records the number of polishing times, which can guide the operator to adjust the polishing time according to the number of times the polisher paper is used.  When the polishing disc is unloaded, the four press columns of the  polisher are lifted upwards. The four polishing discs can be manually rotated to be unloaded. The optical polisher enables the use of waterproof materials to ensure that the appliance and the chassis are sealed and waterproof.


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