Fiber Optic Polisher Combination (Fiber Polishing machine+Fixture+Film+Pad)

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Fiber Polishing Machine parameters: 

Corners pressing (4 Coil Springs) Polishing head count (Polishing capacity): 18 head / 20/24/48/60 Power (Input): 220V (AC), 50Hz Power & Power): 80W polishing Timing (Timer): Omron rotary / button digital timer, arbitrary timing Dimension (Dimension): 280mmΧ220mmΧ270mm Electrical motors: Germany JSCC motor Fit Φ2.5mm PC, APC: FC, SC, ST Φ1.25mmPC, APC: LC, MU MT, mini-MT, MT-RJ PC, APC: MPO, MTP, MPX

Advantages of this Optical polisher: Use / Productivity Suitable for a variety of fiber optic connectors polishing, it can also be used for special Device polishing / polishing By replacing polishing sandpaper, a machine can be completed independently connected End face polishing, can also be multiple machines by the step of forming production line Output: 800 / Taiwan, 4 grinder can organize large-scale Connector production line Operation / control Pressure adjustable, single ferrule independent pressure polishing results are not Pin length effect, 3D interference pass rate, pass rate of 95% Simple operation, more than one machine According to need, arbitrary timing Universal / interchangeability And domestic and foreign same series fixtures, polishing pad, polishing sandpaper General The machine has 25 models to choose fixtures In addition to ceramics, but also polishing quartz, glass, metal, plastic and other materials Reliability / accuracy High quality special metal materials, high-precision processing equipment manufacturers, the key parts are made of special heat treatment process, Selection of imported components, keys / motor filtered through the aging Adjusted core parts precision fixed, long-term stability After reliability test machine.

Fiber polishing fixture description: 

The Fiber polishing fixture using high quality steel with heated treat, the hardened steel S13 provide long service life.

1. The fiber polishing fixture is used in four corners corners fiber polishing machine, to plishing connectors.

2. This fiber polishing fixture adopt independent pressurized way, eliminate ferrules show the different length effects on polishing.

3. Each fiber polishing fixture can hold 24 connectors. It has high production efficiency.

4. The plugs of fiber polishing fixture can be interchanged, extend fiber polishing fixture's life.

5. The fiber polishing fixture has good quality, high efficiency,

6. All kinds of fiber polishing fixture can be customized according by customer requirment.

Fiber Polishing film

1um/3um/9um polishing film ,polishing paper for fiber optic production 50pcs/pack

Fiber Polishing pad:

Hardness 60/70/80 polishing pad for fiber polishing machine


Promotion for polishing product:

1 unit Fiber Polishing Machine+1 piece polishing fixture+50 pcs polishing film+3pcs fiber polish pad 


When you place order, please notice that choosing the polishing fixture model (LC, SC, FC, ST) , what the polishing films(1um/3um/9um) and what hardness of polishing pad you need , if you can't find it, please send message or email to us. We will reply immediatly. OEM/ODM also accpectable!



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