fiber optic FFTH tool kit

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1.fiber cleaver 1pcs cut 0.9/0.25mm fiber
2.optic power meter 1pcs test fiber link loss light pen 1pcs fiber and fiber breakpoint
4.cable stripper cut off wire 1pcs peel of skin cable sheath
5.optical fiber stripping pliers 1pcs stripping fiber coating /tight cladding
6.kevlar scissors 1pcs cut aramid yarn in fiber jumper pr pigtail
7.tiger tong 1pcs tightening and cutting operations in auxiliary cable construction
8.diagonal pliers 1pcs cutting off auxiliary core cable core
9.alcohol bottle (press type)large bottle leakproof 1pcs used to clean the fiber
10.aluminum alloy construction kit 1pcs properly install the instrument
11.clean paper 1package clean core
12.fixed length stripper (fast connection)1pcs auxiliary fixed-length peeling coating
13.rail bar(fast connection) 1pcs auxiliary fixed-length cutting fiber
14.long nose pliers 1pcs
15.adjustment tool 1pcs

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