Faytek ST-03 Portable 300M Metal Cable Drum Reel Cart Outdoor Military Retractable Tactical Spool Winding for Fiber Optical



Model Number
ST-03 300M
Army green/ black
Product Size
Gross weight
Packing Size
440*500*460 Wooden box

ST-03 Portable 300M Metal Cable Drum Cable Reel Portable Outdoor Military Retractable Tactical Spool Winding for Fiber Optical Cable.

Portable field deployable tactical fber optic cable reel has been optimised for using in harsh environments where mobility and rapid deployment of the cable are very essential. This assembly is specifically designed for field deployable applications. Particularly, it can broadcast the communication for film crews to connect HDTV camera equipments with central broadcasting trucks about events like music concerts and sporting events.


·Portable and durable cable reel ·Rapid deployment and re-coiling of cable ·Rated cable capacity of 1000m at 3.0mm cable OD ·Orientation pin design ensures fast blind connection ·Adopt neutral connection technology without using adaptor ·The material of the receptacle can avoid electromagnetism reaction ·Exterior of receptacle is highly-intensified dielectric compound material ·High tensile, high crush resistance and wide operating temperature cable ·Receptacles are equipped with dust-proof cap to avoid vapor and impurity ·Precision ferrule makes interchangeable and repeatable connection better ·Nonmetal cable is light, portable, bendable and resist to oil, rubbing, flame


The Application of Fiber Optic Patch Cable Reel
Faytek can supply several deployable fiber cable reels, which can be used in the following situations:
·Field communication and CATV,
·Quick deployment, quick distributing and retrieving of military field communication system
·Cable deployment of radar, aviation and naval vessel
·Complicated circumstances of oil field, mining and harbors
·TV re-broadcasting and communication, 
·Emergency repairing and supporting LAN cabling.

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