Faytek Pro-Installer Fiber Optic Termination Kit FONS-6000



• The FONS-6000    fiber optic polishing and termination tool kits contains all of  the latest popular fiber optic tools and consumable material necessary for epoxy and polish connector terminations(SC/ST/FC and LC connectors).                                                                                                                                                                                                          The kits are supplied with use instructions and termination procedures.  Feel free to contact our technical support department for additional assistance.

- Rugged Field Case 
- Professional Quality Hand Tools 
- Fully Self-contained for Terminating 
Fiber optic stripper CFS-2
KEVLAR Scissor KS-1
Cabide Scibe Tool
Fiber Jacket Stripper
Universal Conector Crimp Tool
IDEAL 45-162 Buffer tube stripper 
Round Cable Jacket Stripper 
200x Deluxe fiber microscope 
1.25mm adapter for 200x Microscope
Flexible piano wire
6-IN-1 Magnetic Quick Change Scredriver 
Precision tweezer
24 Port Connnector Hot Oven(AC110v or AC220v)                       •   Utility knife
EPO-TEK 353ND Epoxy
Epoxy Application Syringe 3ml 
5µm Polish Film  -10sheets
1µm Polish Film  -10sheets
0.5µm Polish Film  -10sheets
2.5mm Universal Polish Puck
1.25mm polish puck
Rubber Polish Pad
Glass Polish Plate
Large Black Work Mat (15"×11")
Pre-Moistened Alcohol Wipes
KimWipes 280piece/box
Cleaning Swabs 
250ml Alcohol dispensing bottle w/ locked
3M Electrician Tape
Utility knife
Utility component box
Black Marker
Carrying Case(430×330×135mm)

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