Faytek MTP MPO fiber optic polishing machine FONS-800Z



MTP MPO fiber optic polishing machine FONS-800Z

1. There is no need to adjust the equipment when using Faytek polishing fixture, which can remove the influence of parts and process and has a high interference rate.

2. touch screen operation, support more than 12 kinds of program storage and recall, only need to select the corresponding production on the touch screen when replacing the product . The product can be used without complicated adjustment of pressure, time and speed, simplifying the operation process and strength, and improving the quality stability.
3. can adjust the speed, pressure, time, slow start pressure, grinding compensation parameters and polishing pads and other parameters. Separate settings are made, and the set values of the relevant parameters and the current actual values are displayed in real time during the grinding process.
4. the structure is more stable, the pressure range is wider, the pressure during the grinding process is basically no beat, can grind 24 at the same time. Keep the equipment stable 。
5. Support slow start, slow pressurization, grinding compensation, grinding time gradually increasing and other advanced function options, which is conducive to. Guarantee product quality while reducing abrasive loss.
6. the main original device uses internationally renowned brands, the theme structure after 3 years of time experiment, structural life and. The accuracy is kept for a long time.
7. Compatible with all original Domaille fixtures, the equipment has higher precision and stability.
8, especially suitable for the grinding of MTP (MPO), MTRJ, E-2000, FA and other products.

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