Faytek CNC programming four-angle fiber polishing machine FONS-500HD



1. There is no need to adjust the equipment when using Faytek fixture, which can remove the influence of parts and process and has a high interference rate.
2.Touch screen operation, support more than 12 kinds of program storage and recall, only need to select the corresponding product on the touch screen when replacing the product, no need to lock the pressure, time, speed, simplify the operation process and strength, improve the quality and stability Sex
3.It can set the parameters such as speed regulation, time, slow start pressure, grinding compensation parameters and polishing pad for each channel. The set value and current actual value of relevant parameters are displayed in real time during the grinding process.
 4.The machine structure is more stable. The pressure range is wider. During the polishing  The structure is more stable, the pressure range is wider, and the pressure during the grinding process is basically without any jumping. Can grind 48 products at the same time to keep the equipment stable 
5.Supports advanced functions such as slow start, slow pressurization, and grinding to compensate for the gradual increase of grinding time, which is beneficial to ensure product quality and reduce grinding loss.
6.The main original device adopts internationally renowned brands, and the subject structure has been tested for 3 years or so, and the structural life and accuracy are kept for a long time.


Frequency :50/60Hz
Total power:200W
polishing fixture diameter:127mm
polishing transmission:Servo stepper motor
polishing jumping:±0.005mm
polishing rotation speed:0-160 circles adjustable
control mode:multifunction PLC touch screen +p button

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