Faytek automatic fiber optic cable cutting machine



 Automatic fiber optic cable cutting machine

Used in fiber optical cable cut, will be around the cylinder covered the cable, according to the quantity and the length of the set, cut into segments and then rolled into a dish. 

Full automation: automatic completion of the whole process from raw material to the finished product, including length measuring, counting, fiber optic cable, cut off and coiling, etc .

Length measuring precision is high, the follow up measurement technology, eliminate the error of measurement caused by cable skid, distortion.and through the metering compensation, achieve high accuracy of measurement 

 High efficiency: 4 m/s 
The operation is simple and flexible: only a start/stop button can control the machine /suspend/resume, convenient smart;Touch panels can undertake a variety of Settings and maintenance 

The strong structure, stable performance, intelligent instrument and software so that the equipment stability 
 Cutter completely reliable: unique  blade structure, can be reliable and thoroughly to cut off the jacket and steel wire cable 
 Convenient calibration function: set length compensation,be easy for quality inspection personnel to set the length. 
 Intelligent control: intelligent software control and monitor the operation of the whole equipment, stable operation and reliable .

Technical Data

General technical requirements

  1. For cable: φ0.9 ~ φ6.0mm.
  2. Cut the cable length from 1 to 450 meters.
  3. Appropriate weight less than 42kg
  4. Cut cable Accuracy: 100M * 3 ‰
  5. To send cable speed 0.1 ~ 1.6M / s
  6. Reel adjustment range: φ90 ~ φ120mm
  7. 7. Power supply: 220VAC / 50Hz
  8. 8. Air Supply: 0.4 ~ 0.6 MP / CM
  9. 9. Power: 450W
  10. 10. Temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃


Storage conditions

  1. Environmental temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
  2. Relative Humidity: 15% ~ 85%
  3. Vibration: 1.0g 5 ~ 100Hz 45min


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