Faytek Anaerobic Field Quick Termination Kit FONS-9500



Fiber optic stripper CFS-2
KEVLAR Scissor KS-1
Cabide Scibe Tool 
Fiber Jacket Stripper 
Conector Crimp Tool 
200x Deluxe fiber microscope 
1.25mm Adapter for HR-200MF
IPA Cleaning Wipes(Pre-Moistened)  
Lint-Free Wipes 
Cleaning Swabs 25pcs/bag
Alcohol dispensing bottle with locked
Water Bottle
Black Marker
Anaerobic Adhensive Hardener 20ml
Anaerobic Primer 0.9oz
Epoxy Application Syringe 3ml 
Flexible piano wire
5µm Polish Film  
1µm Polish Film 
0.5µm Polish Film 
2.5mm Universal Polish Puck
1.25mm polish puck
Rubber Polish Pad
Glass Polish Plate
Safety Glasses
Carrying Tool Case(385×275×110mm)  

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