Faytek AB glue 353nd fiber optic epoxy glue



1. fiber optic, and medical application.
2. This fiber optic epoxy remains liquid until heat is applied.
3. The application of heat provides a quick cure, turning the epoxy to a reddish-brown color.
1)  353nd is a two-component epoxy resin with solid content of 100%.The resin can resist the dissolution and erosion of various solvents and chemicals. It is an ideal adhesive for optical fiber, metal, glass, ceramics and most plastics Adhesive for.
2) The unique characteristics of  353nd are: 1. Long operation time; 2. Easy operation; 3. Easy to penetrate into optical fiber bundle; 4. Amber becomes dark red during curing, which helps to determine whether it is fully cured through color rather than time; 5. Low skin allergy.
3) 353ND is suitable for use in thin films and slightly thick films. When it is needed for thicker applications, it is best to gel at room temperature and slightly above room temperature, then increase the temperature and then solidify in a short time.

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