7/3.5mm 12/10 mm 14/10mm Air-blown Plastic HDPE Optic Fiber Cable Micro Duct Connectors For Underground Telecom Pipe Connection



These connectors were developed to connect microducts with each other.Our system enables an easy, fast connection and disconnection of the microduct. The connectors’ robust construction resistance to high pressure forces,allowing them to be used in direct buried (DB) applications. The transparent body enables easy visual inspection of the cable with in the connector.
Tube to connector
Polyethylene HDPE
Air with blowing system
Working Pressure
20 bar
MAX. Pressure
28 bar
Userful life
25 years
Tube assembly
No tooling required
Water ingress test
0.5 bar during 168 hours
Working temperature
Transport and storage temperature
Installation temperature
Recommended blowing temperature
Outdoor exposure limit @Cetral Europe
12 months
Protection class
High pressure resistance(safety)
According to Standards
CEI EN 50411-2-8,EN 50411-2-5
Related documents
Related documents
ISO 3601,ISO 4397:1993(2000),ISO4399:1995

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