1U chassis rack mount Gaussian Athermal AWG WDM module100G DWDM 40CH passive mux demux 100Ghz 40 channels



Gaussian Athermal AWG WDM 100G DWDM 40CH module passive mux demux 100Ghz 40 channels 1U chassis rack mount

This Gaussian Athermal AWG series products take silica-on-silicon planar technology and it is built with high performance and reliability, which can be used in general DWDM systems. Based on the athermal design and packing, it is totally passive product which does not require any electrical power or temperature control. For 100G AAWG Mux/Demux, it supports up to 48CH based on a single chipset. Customized wavelengths, package and fiber options are also available.

Parameters Unit Specifications
Wavelength  nm DWDM 100GHz
Channels qty   40 ways
Insertion Loss  dB ≤ 4.0
Return Loss dB ≥45
Isolation (Adjacent) dB ≥25
Isolation (Non-adjacent) dB ≥29
Directivity dB ≥ 40
Optical Power mW ≤ 300
Fiber Type   SM, 9/125um
Operating Temperature -5 ~ +65
Dimension mm 1U chassis

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